Rotating Biographical Blurb:

Damien Miles-Paulson teaches slow dancing, writes and doesn’t worry about his online presence*.  His stories and poems can be found at The Whole Beast Rag, The Washington Square Review, theNewerYork, Alice Blue Review, Marco Polo Arts Mag and Everyday Genius.  He can be reached at…


“Stories from a Broken Pact,” The Washington Square Review #32

“On Drones,” Whole Beast Rag: Idol

“The Contributors” and “Places to Shit During AWP Seattle” and “An Excerpt From Although I Haven’t Seen Bergman’s Scenes From A Marriage,” theNewerYork

“La Mancha,” Alice Blue #23

“A Year on the Beach in Afghanistan,” Marco Polo Arts Mag

“May First in Mae Sot,” Everyday Genius

*not true